Mountain Bike, Running, Hiking and Horse Riding Day Permit & Liability disclaimer: Please read carefully and sign the form below.
  1. I acknowledge that using the Plaisir Wine Estate MTB trails and facilities involve risks such as serious injury, illness, death and damage to personal equipment and property.
  2. I appreciate and understand the risks involved in Mountain Biking, Running and Horse Riding and the consequences of my participation in this sport.
  3. I accept these risks and confirm that I use the Plaisir Wine Estate MTB at my own and absolute risk.
  4. I hereby indemnify Plaisir Wine Estate, its affiliated companies, associates, shareholders, directors, employees and all other related parties against any claims occasioned as a result of my participation in any activity on Plaisir Wine Estate, irrespective whether said injury, loss or damage is caused by accident, negligence or gross misconduct by any individual related to Plaisir Wine Estate or any other party.
  5. I confirm that I understand the meaning and importance of such a disclaimer, the waiver of claims and indemnity and, that by agreeing hereto, I am waiving substantial legal rights (on my behalf and on behalf of my dependants). I acknowledge that I have been free to secure independent legal and/or other advice as to the nature and effect of all provisions of this liability disclaimer waiver and indemnity and that I have either taken such independent legal action and/or other advice, or dispensed with the necessity of doing so.
  6. I acknowledge that I have read and understood the above liability disclaimer and waiver of claims. If I am the responsible adult in case of minors, I accept the liability disclaimer and Trail and horse-riding rules on their behalf.
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